How To Get Nutrition Facts For My Food Label

Comprehensive guide for getting nutrition facts for your food label

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How To Get Nutrition Facts For My Food Label

All packaged food is expected to have a nutrition label that gives the buyer an idea of what’s in the package. If you make a packed food product, then you might need to get a food test from an approved lab like Alliant Food Safety Labs, LLC as part of your production and packaging process. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get a food test and how to produce a regulation-compliant nutrition label for your product.

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Decide How Much Food Will Be in Your Package

The total amount of food in your package is known as the net content. For solid food, semi-solid, or thick-flowing fluid, the net content will be expressed in terms of weight (ounces or grams). Fluids are measured using fluid measurements like milliliters and fluid ounces. An implication of this is that packages of different sizes will have different net content quoted on their nutrition labels.

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Measure the Dimensions of Your Food Package

The size of nutrition fact labels is regulated. There are different formats available depending on the dimension (in inches) of your food package that can be labeled. Thus, you have to measure the dimension of your package, excluding the part that cannot be labeled such as the bottom of a carton or neck of a bottle. The dimension of your package will determine the right nutrition facts format for your product.

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Get a Nutrition Analysis

The next step is to determine the actual nutritional components of the ingredients in your product. There are different approaches to this. The simplest and cheapest would be to use an online recipe database or analysis tool. While this method is approved by the FDA, a more efficient way to ensure you’re getting accurate results is to get the services of a food lab like Alliant Food Safety Labs, LLC for food testing. Your product will be tested to determine its actual nutritional value. Allergen testing will also be carried out based on FDA requirements.

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Determine Your Serving Size

Your serving size refers to the quantity of all the nutrients and their percentage daily value per serving size. The FDA has a table known as the Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed (RACC) which is used to calculate the serving size. You are expected to select the FDA-approved serving size for your food category which must be included on your label.

Hire an FDA Approved Lab for Your Nutrition Labeling

To get accurate information about the nutritional composition of your food, it is recommended that you hire an FDA-approved lab. Alliant Food Safety Labs, LLC offers standard nutritional analysis help and FDA-approved label-making assistance. You can get in touch with us for answers to all your label-related questions. Call now to learn more about our services.

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