Nutritional Facts Labeling Services

Get Your FDA Complaint Nutritional Facts Labelling Made Today!

Nutritional facts have always been of great importance in the food industry and getting more and more significant as the masses are getting more conscious about what they are consuming.

Keeping its significance in mind, reach out to our labs for an authentic and ready-to-place food label design nutrition fact chart.

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Nutritional Facts Labeling Service

Our labs have been proficient in providing nutritional fact labeling services and other services like chemistry analysis, allergen analysis, potable water analysis, shelf life challenge study, etc.

Our services include:


FDA Compliant Nutritional Fact Labels

FDA approvals represent the authenticity of the results of a laboratory. In addition, Alliant food safety labs provide FDA-compliant nutritional facts labeling that you can trust with your products.


Reasonable Pricing

Compared to the other food labs in New England, our labs offer better and more competitive pricing. Along with this, we offer efficient consulting troubleshooting for the betterment of your food manufacture.

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Print Ready Nutrition Fact Labels

Alliant food safety labs efficiently produce easy-to-understand, print-ready nutritional fact labels for a hassle-free labeling process for your manufacture.

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Accuracy in Food Labeling

Nutritional labeling is sensitive work, and mistakes can cause global product recalls, leading to a significant loss for your business. So choose our labs for accurate and trustable results.

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Deals With Variety of Food Industries

Alliant food safety labs work for almost all types of food industries and provide services for all nutrients. We have appropriate testing methodologies and equipment for various food testing, including protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc.

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Choose Alliant food safety labs, and our professional food scientists and food label regulation experts will prepare accurate nutrient fact labels by performing a nutrition analysis of your product. Visit our website anytime nutritional facts labeling services.

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